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About College Success Scholars

The College Success Scholars program provides comprehensive, structured ongoing personal, academic and professional support to Black and Latino males’ students with a primary emphasis on retention and graduation at the University of Maryland. The curriculum is centered on supporting the brilliance of the scholars and developing resiliency, agency, purpose and brotherhood. The Scholars are encourage to develop a roadmap throughout their academic journey that includes internships, fellowships, coops, research, study abroad, leadership positions and extracurricular activities that promote an outstanding resume portfolio for top tier graduate school and career opportunities.

Scholars receive mentoring from upperclassmen and participate in weekly study sessions, review sessions, study groups, and tutoring. Scholars engage in cultural, educational and professional field trips including the IMF, Black Wax History Museum, Inter-American Development Bank, Supreme Court. The curriculum is experientially and theoretically based with an emphasis on creating a foundation and community for the Scholars to soar in spite of the various educational and social challenges encountered at the University of Maryland. Scholars are expected to always strive for personal, academic and professional excellence in all endeavors.

The parents’ involvement working group is an important program component to collectively engage and support the ongoing personal, professional and academic excellence of scholars. The year to year rates of retention and graduation rates continue to surpass the University of Maryland and national rates for Black and Latino males.

CONTACT: Dr. Christopher Lester, Director

CONTACT: Jovany Joya, Coordinator